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Safety belt consist of belt, rope, hardware parts. ”Chenli”double shoulder safety belt is made of endurable polyester. All the hook parts, round steel etc, are made of C45.Appearance including copper plating, nickel plating, chromium plating. Our products are durable but are not suitable for fire fighting, rigging.

Chenli safety belt must be used together with arrest-falling rope. D-ring is the suspension point which designed for arrest-falling. When the body happen to fall, suspension point begin to bear the body. The whole body safety belt keep tight to restraint the body. Arresting-falling rope arrest the body to fall. Double hook type keep the body in safety condition when the body happen to fall. At last it reduce the damage to the body.




It can use the simplest way to tow damaged,stuck,disabled car or jeep.Zinc plated flatted hook is specially designed to attach to vehicles very easily.It is much lighter and convenient than wire rope or chains and can be stocked in the car’s trunk but free of rust,mildew and rot.
Heavy duty straps can link freely,help the vehicles sunk in mud,sand or snow.
Two hooks at each side of the towing straps,this structure can link to vehicle anchor point easily
Standard length is 8m,but can be modified as 1m to 50m temperature range is -40<℃-100℃
Only used the no damaged ratchet straps,the label can clearly show the ability
Don’t tie knot the belt
Can use a protection sleeve to make the fabric keep away from the sharp angle,avoid wearing out or incision.
avoided distortion,wring ratchet straps
Don’t place object on the ratchet will cause injury
Fittings are attached based on the needs(hooks or triangle ring) for ratchet straps.
Under normal circumstance,the surface plates zinc,if you need other colors or PVC coating,please note it when ordering
We have stainless steel ratchet and hook
Chenli currently have more than 300 kinds of hardware accessories,we can process the product by your diagram paper of sample.


Place the Wheel Bonnet Tie Down over the tire of the vehicle being moved.Adjust the hook end so that the bonnet is tight.
Attach the Hook End to a solid anchor point.the safety clamp of the hook should be completely closed.
Secure the hook at the Ratchet End to a solid connection point on the trailer that will not be damaged by tension.
Push the strap through the Ratchet’s drum,then open and close the ratchet handle to tighten strap over the tire.Avoid pinching fingers when working ratchet assembly.Lock handle down before use
Tie down anchor points must be secure.check the attachment points every 25 miles during transit

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