Honorary certificate

Large-Scale Advantage

Chenli firmly believe that development is an absolute  principle. We take market as guidance, with profession enhance competitive advantage, while the professional advantage most direct embodiment is large-scale and top-grade.so Chenli spare no effort to develop products capacity and improve products quality,strive to become the largest webbing sling manufacturer in China, so that purchase raw material in quantities, save cost , reduce the price, finish customer’s big order rapidly.

Qualification Advantage

Chenli has obtained ISO9001 , CE , GS , CCS , certificates , which is not common in the same industry . Meanwhile our PICC insurance afford RMB2000000 products liability insurance every year. If any accident caused by our Chenli products , you can directly call 95518 and PICC company will solve the problem at the earliest moment. The fact is that chenli haven't received complaint until now.

Technical Advantage

Our cooperative effort makes us a bigger one . Chenli engages many talented people who are professional at researching , management and market . Everyone is entitled necessary right to excite their potentiality . Which ensure the enterprise research one or two new products every year . Now Chenli not only supply products but also help customers to design plan and technical assistance.

Examination Advantage

When establising the company, Chenli realized that for lifting products,safety is the most important factor when using it.so Chenli always input big capital to examine the products strictly without considering the cost.Now we have the most advanced equipment which is used for testing raw material, controlling the product producing, testing tension. Exporting all of our products never careless.