Lever hoist lever hoist chain of more

lever hoist lever hoist chain of more knowledge description 
chain lever hoist lever hoist chain, also known as inverted, is a hand lifting tool for heavy duty work level. 
chain lever hoist the new, efficient, safe, durable and has a lifting, pulling, tensioning three functions, the whole structure, reasonable design, high safety, long life, especially for field conditions without the power source. 
chain lever hoist is driven by the human rope or chain through the handle to extract device movement driven lifting tool. the compact, portable, easy to operate for the wild, remote areas and lifting, pulling cited the work, but to enhance and pull lead from the unrestricted, may be the chosen length of the wire rope or chain. 
lever chain hoist suitable for factories, mines, construction sites, docks, transport and other occasions, is the installation of equipment, cargo lifting, stationary objects, ideal for lashing and traction, especially in traction at any angle and in the narrow space, open operation and no power supply situation, but also demonstrate its advantages. 
chain lever hoist features: 
an advanced structure, use of safe, reliable and durable. 
2 machine, high efficiency, easy operation, comfort. 
3 small size, light weight, easy to carry. 
4 professional products to meet the alloy hook overloading 
5 premium alloy chain 
6 all the gear rotation 
7 product surface after spray treatment 
8 gears and shafts rotating part has a bearing or sleeve 
9 all the structural steel 
10 products to meet 150% of rated load weight 

Post time: Feb-24-2020