Jack’s brief description and notes

jack is a lifting height of a small (less than 1m) of the most simple lifting equipment. it has two kinds of mechanical and hydraulic type. mechanical jack screw another rack and two, because the weight from a small operation effort, it is generally used for mechanical maintenance work in building bridges process does not apply. hydraulic jacks compact, smooth, with self-locking effect, it is widely used. the drawback is the limited lifting height, lifting slow. jack is mainly used for factories, mines, and transportation sector as vehicle repair and other lifting, support and so on. the structure of light, solid, flexible and reliable, one person can carry and operate. jack as a wide range of tools to use, using the highest quality casting materials, ensure the quality and life of jack. when using the jack, please note the following: 
1, various ministries must be checked before use is normal. 
2, the use should comply strictly with the provisions of the main parameters, avoid high overload, or when the lifting height and lifting more than the tonnage requirements, tank top, and a serious oil spill. 
3, such as manually pump the fuel shortage, the need to first add the pump should be fully filtered by the n33 # hydraulic oil to work.
4, four, electric pump electric pump to use please refer to the instructions. 
5, heavy focus on moderate to choose, selecting the focus of jack, the bottom to level up, taking into account the hard and soft ground conditions, whether or not to pad tough wood, put it smooth, so as not to load subsidence or tilt. 
6, jack will be heavy lifting, should be timely and firmly supports the weight support to prohibit the use of jack as supports. for a long time to adopt the heavy support 
7 for a few jack lifting the same time, in addition to jack should be placed correctly, the top of shunt valve should be used more, and each load should be balanced jack to keep the lifting speed synchronization. must also consider the uneven weight of the ground because of possible subsidence, prevent weight tilted the balance of the dangerous materials. 
8, when the first use of pump speed manual docking connector and the top, then choose the right location, will be put on the oil pump screws tightened, you can work. purports to decrease piston rod, the hand pump counter-clockwise by hand slightly loosen the wheel, cylinder unloading, the piston rod is decreased. otherwise, the excessive rate of decline would be dangerous. 
9, the jack spring return system structure, lifting finished, you can quickly take out, but not with a jack to connect the hose to pull. 
10, due to smaller travel lifting jack, users do not exceed the rated travel time, so as not to damage the jack. 
11, using the jack should be avoided during severe vibration. 
12, not suitable in a ph, corrosive gases used in the workplace. 
13, the user according to the use of regular inspection and maintenance 

Post time: Feb-24-2020