CD and MD Electric hoist the use and

(a) use 

CD and md electric hoist (the gourd) for installation in the overhead i-beam track (straight, curve) or fixed to the frame, the lifting of various weights. often with electric single girder, double girder overhead electric, hoist gantry crane and so on. widely used in factories, mines, railways, docks, warehouses and service industries. is able to adapt to a variety of conditions using the lifting equipment, it will rise to the following tasks in particular: 
1, for public facilities, construction lifting handling … … 
2, for the machining plant, equipment installation, machine tool parts handling, transporting the finished product … … 
3, for the assembly line … … 
4, for the simple lifting equipment, handling materials, enhance the goods … … (b) to adapt the scope of 
CD, MD electric hoist is a general purpose electric wire rope hoist, working-level benchmarks m3, then sustained rate of 25% of the electricity, the equivalent number of starts per hour, not more than 120 times. 
hoist the main circuit rated voltage of 380 volts ac, rated frequency of 50 hz. 
gourd work environment temperature -25 ℃ ~ +40 ℃. 
gourd full of corrosive gases or unsuited to the relative humidity is greater than 85% of the place, not a substitute for proof hoist, not lifting the molten metal or toxic, flammable and explosive materials. 

Post time: Feb-24-2020